Sunday, December 27, 2009

Christmas Purple Potatoe Cupcakes

i bought a lot of sweet purple potatoes from my trip to Lembang this early December. in bahasa it called "ubi ungu". people usually steam/bake and eat them directly like steam/baked potatoes. it tastes sweet and smells very good. it has a deep purple color that no food coloring is needed when added in a cake recipe.
this is originally a Pumpkin Cupcake recipe i took from, simply switch the pumpkin puree with purple potatoe puree. when baked, the color turn to greenish in the inside, not as good as the top. maybe some chemical reaction to baking soda? not got it...

despite the color, it turn out a very delicious and moist muffin. i recommend to skip the cinnamon when using purple potatoes so its original taste and smell could come out. really a good recipe, i definitely will make another batch next time.

add a little fondant trees & snowflakes... merry christmas everyone...

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Bali... where sun always shines...

Jimbaran beach
Pura Uluwatu

Kokonut suites Seminyak

Amphithreatre Garuda Wisnu Kencana

Red tree at Uluwatu pathway
we took early vacation to Bali last week and spent 5days there. the sun is too strong for December, no rain at all.
we lodged in Tune hotel Kuta for the first 2 nights and spent the rest in Kokonut suites Seminyak.
Tune is a budget hotel, everything is new and clean and stylish but very tiny, no space for extra luggages. it cost around US$ 20/night for bed only. only suitable for backpackers or couples who need hotel for a good night sleep and bath.
Kokonut suites is quite opposite. we rent a 2-bedrooms villa with dining & living room. very clean, cozy & quite luxury. it has a swimming pool (that become our private pool on this low season), small gym & cafe, and the services are very good. it cost around US$ 125/night include 2 pax of nice breakfast.
after 2days exploring Bali under the sun, a lot of walking & sweating, i found myself very exhausted, so it's really nice to have a break in a cozy villa, 1 or 2 nights is enough to recharge the energy.
actually 5days is never enough in Bali, there are many scenes i'd love to shoot, i promise someday after i get my dream canon EOS 7D, i will go back alone, travel light and shoot pictures as much as i like...