Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Christmas 2010

we are going to my husband hometown this week so i've finished my christmas baking earlier. I had to bake gingerbread and cupcakes to deliver a week before christmas.

I baked 1.5 recipe of gingerbread recipe from BBC Good Food, cut out 20 star shaped cookies using Wilton cookie tree cutter, pipe some sugar glaze ornaments, stacked them to form a christmas tree and then top with a fondant white star. I also baked 4 gingerbreadman out of the left over batter and ice them with white fondant.

Then I made 50 chocolate cupcakes, top half of them with Karen Davies snowman fondant. I really love KD's moulds, they are so cute and very easy to use.

And I put fondant trees for the other half. I spread different shape and tone of blue fondant ball over a rolled out white fondant, then cut out triangles, insert a toothpick and let them overnight. Finish the cupcakes with a buttercream swirl and insert a tree, then I have a simply stunning christmas tree cupcakes.

17th Anniversary Cake

my husband cousin asked me to bake her a chocolate cake for her 17th wedding anniversary. she said a small cake is enough since there isn't any celebration held on that day.
i was waiting for a chance to utilize a supercute chocolate ribbon i found in a wrapping the other day, so shortly i came out with a cute design to match, it is my favourite cute teddy bears!
you can see the ribbon wrappin the bottom side of the cake in the above picture, very cute isn't it?

this time i prepare a ganache rather than buttercream because i want to learn how to cover a fondant cake with sharp edge. after finished ganaching, i found that it has a more natural look and color so i decided not to cover the cake with fondant.

i hope everybody will enjoy the cake and did not notice the strange "a".... hahaha...

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Barbie Cake

my first attempt for doll cake. not easy. i've designed a princess ball gown but i can't make a perfect gown. i can't roll a big enough circle fondant for the gown pattern and the fondant is too soft to handle. after several times of trying, i gave up and start a new gown design, patch work gown. i made her gown strip by strip then cover the back of the gown with a piece of square fondant.

actually square fondant is not right to make a gown, i can't fit the waist, there's too much fondant excess so i had to turn it into some kind of big bow. finish the touch by using small white fondant flowers and silver pearls.
look very find indeed, but if you can put off her gown, you will see her messy "underwear", haha...

these are the cupcakes with barbie card toppers and fondant name tag. cupcakes are vanilla buttercake and barbie gown is chocolate mud cake.