Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Naughty Kids Cupcakes & Transformers Cake

November is coming again, Ruben is 5 now. recently i don't really have mood in baking, but i don't intend to order cake for my own child's birthday. so, show must go on, since we only celebrate at school, i decide to make PC naughty kids cupcakes for Ruben's classmates. look easy but really take times, 30 faces done in 2 days! what a slug.

i love blonde & red hair :)

actually Ben asked for an Optimus Prime cake for his birthday but i don't think i can build a truck out of a cake, so i decide to make Autobot logo puzzle cake instead of carving a truck, hehe... and i use golden yellow to resemble Bumblebee instead of Prime because i really can't apply red & blue for a cake.
although it's very simple but i made it with all my heart.
happy birthday my son...