Wednesday, December 22, 2010

17th Anniversary Cake

my husband cousin asked me to bake her a chocolate cake for her 17th wedding anniversary. she said a small cake is enough since there isn't any celebration held on that day.
i was waiting for a chance to utilize a supercute chocolate ribbon i found in a wrapping the other day, so shortly i came out with a cute design to match, it is my favourite cute teddy bears!
you can see the ribbon wrappin the bottom side of the cake in the above picture, very cute isn't it?

this time i prepare a ganache rather than buttercream because i want to learn how to cover a fondant cake with sharp edge. after finished ganaching, i found that it has a more natural look and color so i decided not to cover the cake with fondant.

i hope everybody will enjoy the cake and did not notice the strange "a".... hahaha...