Sunday, May 11, 2008

Cake of Roses

I always intriguing by fondant roses, they are so sophisticated and romantic, very perfect for wedding cake. I've made myself once before but they look dreadful! And then Thata gave me peggy porschen book "Romantic Cake", she write a very detail of sugarpaste rose making, with photos! (Thanks lot Ta...:p)

It's always different when we imagine something in our mind than when we make it real. I have captured all the details and picture of peggy's how-to-make-a-rose and it look very simple. I thought it would be only take a few minutes to complete a rose. In fact, it took me about 1 hour to finish my first rose and it doesn't even look like a rose!

The next attempts show gradual improvement. There must be several trial and error after I found my way to create a rose looklike ones.
Here are the "how-to" for making roses:
1. prepare 3 balls of fondant, one of them larger than the other
2. place these balls between 2 pieces of plastic
3. push down the larger balls until very thin and roll into spiral shape, this will be the centre
4. push down the other 2 balls from middle to side, these will be the first petal
5. take one petal, thin side up, lay it around the centre over the seam
6. tuck the second petal slightly inside the first petal and squeeze around the centre
7. slightly curve the petal out with your finger
For rosebud you need 3 balls, for open rose you just add 3 petals, for larger open rose add another 5 petals and so on. Sorry I can't included the photos, just buy peggy's book for sure! :p