Monday, August 17, 2009

Birthday Mini Cake

Another year gone by... time is moving so fast and it's my birthday again. 33 years old now, i hope i am getting wiser in living my life. recently i really can't catch up with baking and i missed last birthday bake due to pregnancy blues. So from now on i promise to myself at least one cake a year is a must, especially one my birthday.

this is a mini cake made from round chocolate sponge cake and fondant cover. i will try to write the method here, hope you can understand.
- bake a sheet of your favourite chocolate sponge cake
- cut 3 sponge cake with round cookie cutter diameter 8cm
- stack them together with buttercream to resemble a tube around 12cm high
- cut a circle using round cutter to fit the top of the cake
- use a textured rolling pin and roll ivory fondant
- measure a piece of fondant as same height & round of the cake for covering the side of the cake
- divide into 4 equal pieces and leave them for a while
- place them one by one to the side of the cake and smooth with your hand
- finish by attaching daisies, ribbon and number (all of them are made by using fondant cutter)

it's a bit diffcult to make it perfect, since the fondant is very soft to stand upright, and the texture is easily flatten when pressed too much. and it should be eaten soon cos' i notice the cake begin to swing to one side on the 3rd day :)