Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Ben 10 cake for birthday boy

Ben 10 recently become very famous among kids, included my 4 years old. i found this model in nina pierre's blog which original source from www.thecelebrationcake.co.uk. i think this model is more simple than to create the 10 aliens figurines :)

i never craft before and i know i'm not good at all in crafting, so this is a trial project, i hope i can explain the steps clearly.
first, prepare a egg shape of fondant for ben's face (mine is less chubby). cut 2 olive shapes of white fondant and place on for his eyes, round 2 green tiny balls and flatten them on the white
olive for his retina, repeat for 2 tiny black balls and 2 tinier light green balls for shiny effects. then shape 2 small sausages to resemble his eyebrows and place above each eyes.
second, prepare a small pyramid shape of fondant for his nose, use small bone tool to smooth the edge (my pyramid is too big).
third, prepare a small sausage shape and curl it to resemble the ear, using bone tool to smooth and indent the hole
fourth, using a small oval cookie cutter, indent his smile
fifth, cut various shape of triangle to make his hair
it's a little bit difficult to make the omnitrix since it should be small size, so i don't make too much details. and i found that black fondant is really sticky and difficult to work with.

i love this yellow :)